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Thank You for Your Interest in Being a Guest on the Show! 

We are very excited to discuss your story and share your experience, wisdom, and insight with our listeners. This guide will help you determine if you’re a fit for the show.

The Objective of the Show:

The Collegehood Advice podcast helps rising and current college students build the habits, behaviors, skills, connections, and experiences they need to thrive during college. Each week my guests and I share practical insights, stories, tools, strategies, and resources to help students get the most value from their college experience and use it to create an amazing life after graduation.

Guests should have expertise and/or experience in their topic. We’re always eager to chat with students and graduates about their stories on our pathway profile series and have experts and professionals speak on their subjects, but all conversations are centered on providing valuable strategies to students not marketing your products and services.

Interested in promoting your product or service? Contact me about becoming a sponsor of the show.

Our audience:

  • Rising, current, and recently graduated college undergraduates are the target audience. Most listeners are traditionally aged college students (18-22), but many of our listeners are experiencing college at other times in their lives.

  • Parents are a secondary audience. Many parents listen to the podcast and share it with their students as a resource.

Podcast Details

The shows are a mixture of solo episodes and guest interviews. Episodes are released each Tuesday and are promoted in our weekly newsletter for students, monthly newsletter for parents, and on our social media accounts. We ask all our guests to leave a review of the podcast and share with their networks

Before Submitting Your Guest Interest Form:

  1. Read this entire page

  2. Listen to a couple of my episodes

  3. Determine if you think you have a topic or two that fits well for my audience.

  4. If the answer is yes, please complete my podcast guest interest form.

    1. I will review your submission and we’ll go from there.

    2. There is no guarantee your submission will be approved.

    3. You will receive an email response within two weeks time on the status of your submission.

Your Technical Requirements

We will easily be able to complete the entire recording with equipment testing, warming up, recording and a wrap up in a 60 minute window.

You will need:

  • To be in a quiet space

  • Headphones on (nothing fancy needed) to be sure you don’t record my voice coming through your computer/device

  • An external microphone is a nice to have

If you’re interested, please complete the Collegehood Advice Podcast Guest Interest Form:

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